A great day for Evaptainers

We here at Evaptainers have been waiting for this moment for a long time - two years in fact. Last week we started receiving our first feedback from rural users in Morocco. Our Moroccan team visited one family who have been using an Evaptainer in their home for over a month to get their reactions.

The family lives in a rural area without electricity outside of Ifrane in northern Morocco. During our visit were happy to learn that they are proudly keeping the Evaptainer in their kitchen and are using it to extend the life of the tomatoes, cauliflower and herbs they buy at their local souk (open air market). They confirmed for us that produce lasts much longer when stored in the Evaptainer - for example, tomatoes that would have lasted 6 days previously, now last 10. Not only are they spending less money on food but one of the unexpected benefits has been that the family is also saving money by reducing the number of trips to the souk. Because of the less frequent trips Hamid has more time to tend his crops and take care of his livestock. Hamid estimated that the Evaptainer had saved his family, on average, 40-50 DHS (US$4-5) per week. This is significant when you think that their income is around $100 USD per week.

Seeing the hours spent prototyping, puzzling through problems, and conducting thermal tests to finally have a real-world effect on a rural household is an incredible feeling. We’re thrilled that our device has been able to help Hamid and his family reduce their food spoilage, allowing them to save more money, improve their productivity and quality of life. This is the first family of so many that we plan to positively impact with the Evaptainer.