Introducing the EV-8 Using Phasetek™ technology

The EV-8 Expanded and ready for use.

With the EV-8, Evaptainers introduces a revolutionary product to the world of refrigeration. The EV-8 is a light weight, easy-to-carry, fully portable refrigeration unit that can keep perishables like fruits, vegetables and dairy products fresh in the hot summer months. EV-8 requires no electricity to operate and is 100% eco-friendly with absolutely no greenhouse gas emissions.

Evaptainers makes use of our patented PhaseTek™. The technology becomes activated when a user fills the internal reservoir with any source of water (e.g. tap, well, river, lake). The walls of the device then begin to draw out heat from the interior of the device through evaporative cooling. The EV-8 can cool its internal storage space by 10-15 degrees Celsius from ambient conditions.



  • Food saving: Fruits and vegetables stored inside will experience longer shelf-life.

  • Medicine: Can be used for medical supplies that need to be kept shelf stable, such as insulin.

  • Zero energy technology: Completely electricity free cooling generated by our patented PhaseTek™ technology.

  • Mobile: Includes 4 durable fiberglass stays that can be folded into the unit for easier mobility and carrying.