QUANG TRUONG, CEO                        & Co-Founder

Quang Truong has worked on development projects that span from Haiti to Liberia to India to Vietnam, and possesses expertise in M&E, agricultural supply chains and agribusiness. Formerly a consultant at HighQuest Partners, he has worked on projects at NorthStar Agri as well as NGOs such as Catholic Relief Services, ACDI/VOCA and Heifer International. Throughout his career, he recognized a recurring problem in the lack of adequate cold chain infrastructure throughout the developing world.  Quang holds a Master’s of Law and Diplomacy from the Tufts Fletcher School with focuses on International Business and Development Economics.

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JEREMY FRYER-BIGGS, CTO                   & Co-Founder  

Jeremy Fryer-Biggs has a passion for starting companies and nurturing new ideas. He has worked for the television show Mythbusters, run his own product development firm servicing clients like Sharper Image, and started a venture backed orthopedics company called Cymedica. He also founded one of the first accelerator programs in East Africa, Strivers Foundation, with proceeds from winning the 2009 Tufts 100k entrepreneurship competition. In his spare time he is an avid hobby furniture maker with his work shown at New York's prestigious ICFF.


SPENCER TAYLOR,                             COO & Co-Founder

Spencer's passions focus on the stewardship of the natural world and the improvement of society through technology and efficiency. He loves all activities outdoor. His professional passion is born out of connecting good companies and initiatives with good people to drive change. After graduating from Middlebury College he worked with a multitude of companies to help them package their message and value proposition effectively to attract customers and drive business. His work at Evaptainers feeds both his personal and professional desires to solve big problems by creating tools that address the needs and experience of the consumer.

Serena Hollmeyer Taylor, Cso

Serena's passion for human rights and advocacy has compelled her to work on a range of large-scale problems facing some of the most marginalized communities in the world. Her work includes the design and implementation of a program combating HIV-related stigma in rural communities, legislative advocacy for the ACLU of Vermont, and crisis prevention and recovery efforts with the UNDP. Serena holds a Master's of Law and Diplomacy from the The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University with focuses on Human Security, International Law, and International Organizations. In her spare time Serena tries to ski, mountain bike, sail, travel, and play with her family as much as possible. 

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Esko has years of experience in manufacturing and design for several small and large companies. He has worked on products in the medical, fitness, furniture, and infant industries for companies Kiinde and New Balance. Much of his experience was gained working for a small design firm, Radlab inc., in Charlestown, Ma. Recently he has specialized in venture design for several companies in the Boston area.

YASSINE MAGHNOUJ , Marketing Director Morocco 

Yassine has a passion for social enterprise and business development. He has worked for CONSTELLIUM to develop the Chaque Canette Compte recycling project in France, and also ran his own clothing business in Morocco and English School in China. Trilingual, Yassine graduated with master’s degrees both in France and China in Marketing and Sales and in Marketing and Innovation. Specialized in consumer behavior and market analysis, he also holds a certificate in PMBOK project management.


Imane holds a Bachelor degree from Al Akhawayn University with a major in International Business and a minor in Finance. She is also an occasional volunteer tutor in local associations, former undergraduate teacher assistant in business related topics. one-time rugger and chorist, amateur in both fiction writing and photography. In her spare time, She is either busting a move like no one is watching, pinning boards on Pinterest or watching a movie.