Evaptainers started at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in a class that challenged its students to create something that would help improve the lives of 1 billion people.

Since then we have developed a Mission and a Team to deliver on this challenge by creatingmodular and completely mobile refrigeration units that preserve produce along the supply chain. They utilize the phenomenon of evaporative cooling, rather than more energy-intensive vapor compression refrigeration, allowing for low-cost, electricity-free cooling. Rudimentary Evaporative cooling devices has proven to be effective for agricultural use, tripling or quadrupling the shelf-life of most produce. Our company has taken these inventions and upgraded them for modern and commercial use. Using state-of-the art materials and improved design, we’ve created more effective, more durable, easier to use, mass-producible units. Our discoveries are patent pending and there are currently no other devices similar to ours in the market.

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