Testing and Progress

The Evaptainers team is busy working on our field test prototype for deployment this fall.

At this stage of development our work is organized along two main tracks. The first is materials testing. The efficiency of our product will largely depend on the make up of the evaporative medium we use to draw heat out of the unit and dissipate it via evaporation. We are testing fabrics, granulates and foams to find the perfect balance of evaporation rate, weight and stiffness.


The other work track is 3d modeling. Our design team is creating the unit in 3D space and defining how the various elements of the unit will interact to give us the best possible product. It is an exciting process to watch and to see where concept and execution meet.

While this work on the product is progressing we are also laying the ground work for our first Coop field trial in Morocco that will take place in the next 6 months.

Stay tuned as we continue to finalize the form and function of the Evaptainer.

In the meantime learn more about our product and mission.